I see patterns in everything. I am awed by beauty in the patterns of the natural world and the man-made objects

all around us:

- the awesome color and symmmetry in melted fiberglass

- the passage of time of fading fabric and rusted paint

- the wilted beauty of a simple gerber daisy and the quirky way bouncing balls look when manipulated in Photoshop

- the worn and weather patterns on golf clubs and fishing poles

- the wonderful variations of color and pattern in close-up photos of simple swan feathers

For me this is the view of all life . . . .

I see the natural purpose of the black and the white, the up and the down, the left and the right. I understand and accept the reason for all things. Good and bad, wealth and poverty, sickness and health, the miniscule and the collosal.

This collection of images gives me a chance to show others the beauty that I see in the world around us. In my mind, this is an attempt to make order out of chaos.